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  • 1,050 Local Community Jobs Offered to the Underprivileged

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 3726

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and 25 autonomous districts will offer jobs to the underprivileged as a means to help them secure an instant and stable livelihood. Furthermore, approximately 1,050 citizens can participate in the ‘2015 First-Half Local Community Employment’ project, which will serve as a stepping-stone for landing a job.

    The selected citizens will be assigned to 10 projects of five types, including local specialized resources development, corporate connection and employment support, and improvement of local living space, for four months from March 2 (Mon).

    Working hours will total 26 hours per week (but those aged 65 and older will be restricted to 15 hours a month), and a maximum of 730,000 won will be granted monthly (the hourly minimum wage is 5,580 won), which will include the cost of snacks (3,000 won). The selected citizens are entitled to four major types of insurance.

    The Local Community Employment Project
    (10 Projects)

    • (Type 1) Development of Local Specialized Resources
      • ① Commercialization of Regional Products. ② Restoration of Regional Traditional Techniques.
    • (Type 2) Corporate Connection and Employment Support
      • ③ Support for Employment in Small-and Mid-Sized Companies ④ Operation of Common Workshops.
    • (Type 3) State-Level and Local Government-Level Policies
      • ⑤ Autonomous Employment at a State- and Local Government-Level.
    • (Type 4) Improvement of Local Living Space
      • ⑥ Village Planning and Development. ⑦ Use of Local Idle Space. ⑧ Support for Renewable Resources.
    • (Type 5) Support for a Stable Livelihood
      • ⑨ Support for Improving the Housing of the Underprivileged. ⑩ Support for Multicultural Families.

    Application is only open to those classed as being underprivileged in the community: those aged 18 or older, with a household income of less than 150% of the minimum cost of living and with less than 200 million won in assets.

    The SMG is planning to offer job consultation services to ensure that those who participate in this project will find a stable job in the private sector, upon termination of the project. A job fair will also be held to find and offer jobs that suit the capabilities of job-seekers.