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  • 105 Best Fall Foliage Roads in Seoul

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    The Korea Meteorological Administration forcasted the peak foliage will reach Bukhansan mountain around October 30 and central Seoul wil see them in early November. The Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced the “105 best fall foliage roads in Seoul,” a total of 182.37 ㎞, so that people can enjoy fall foliage in nearby areas without having to go far.

    The 105 best fall foliage roads are divided into four themes: ① fall foliage roads along the water ② fall foliage roads for daytrips ③ fall foliage roads in parks ④ fall foliage roads with walkways. People can find the places they want to visit according to the themes.

    The “105 best fall foliage roads in Seoul” can be seen on Seoul’s websites (http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/autumn).

    Seoul will not sweep the fallen leaves of 105 roads until mid-November, allowing people to enjoy the ambiance of autumn with the crisp sound of the fallen leaves, an experience possible only in the autumn.


    Pictures of fall foliage roads in Seoul

    Anyangcheon Stream
    Banghwa Neighborhood Park
    Sinwol Neighborhood Park
    Seoul Forest
    Yangjae Citizens’ Forest
    World Cup Park
    Seosomun Park