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  • Four Northeast Districts of Seoul Step Up as “Living Central of Capital Northeast”

  • Urban Planning News SMG 5951

    Four Northeast Districts of Seoul Step Up as “Living Central of Capital Northeast”

    Four northeast districts of Seoul (Seongbuk, Gangbuk, Dobong, Nowon) will take their first step to break out from their reputation of poor suburban residential areas and step up as the “Living Central of Capital Northeast,” encompassing 3.2 million residents up to the nearby rear areas.
      • The purpose of the Balanced Development Plan of Seoul Metropolitan Government is not to develop all areas with a single strategy but to lead them in undergoing individual specialized developments based on their own unique strengths and assets.
      • Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Four Northeast Autonomous Districts, and the Four Northeast Districts Center of Development and Study collaborated to come up with a new development plan, naming it the [Happy 4-District Plan].
      • Core contents of the [Happy 4-District Plan] include making the [Changdong, Sanggye] regions, which have available lands that are twice the size of COEX, into a [New Economic Central Business District (CBD)] that can create 80000 jobs and to sponsor these four districts for them to grow from the preparation of foundation to the corporate development level using their powerful educational sources.



    3 Key Assignments of “Establishment of Area Development Basis”

    “Establishment of Area Development Basis” is an assignment to prepare the foundation for area development to propel 3 key assignments — ▴Making a New Economic Central Business District (CBD) in the Changdong/Sanggye regions ▴Providing Institutional Support for city planning and ▴Reinforcement of green living environment centered on Jungnangcheon — led by Seoul City and driven by a cooperative group of neighboring local governments.
    • Creation of New Economic Central Business District (CBD) using large available lands in Changdong and Sanggye to create 80000 jobs
    • Review for the Development of New Station Influence Area and Expansion of Linked Business Areas, applying only the District Maximum Height Limit (20m)
    • Attraction of Tourists with Natural Historical Cultural Resources along with Construction of “Green Path” and Stay-Type Tourist Infrastructure

    2 Key Assignments of “Active Use of Regional Resources”

    As common regional issues of all Four Northeast Districts directly connected to residential life, ▴Expansion of Cultural, Welfare, and Gymnastic Facilities and ▴Improvement of Life-Based Facilities will be provided as a matter of necessity in the regions, first using publicly owned lands (owned by all Four Northeast Districts).
    • First-Hand Provision of the Regions’ Most Preferred<?> and Needed Facilities from the On-site Mayor’s Office
    • Establishment of “Happy 4-District Plan Promotion Group” by the Public Exclusive Group, under linked administration with the “City Regeneration Support Center”