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  • 100,000 Users Enjoy ‘i Photo Mosaic’ App for Promoting Seoul Tourism (i Tour Seoul) One Month after Launch

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    The “i Photo Mosaic” application for promoting Seoul tourism, which the city has just introduced, is drawing a positive response from smartphone users worldwide.

    i Photo Mosaic has been newly developed to introduce the Seoul tourism website (i Tour Seoul) to a wider audience and to invite people to visit the website.

    i Photo Mosaic application, Intro (left), a view of photo selection (center), and a completed mosaic (right)

    By downloading i Photo Mosaic via an app store or other source and installing it on a smartphone, anyone can instantly create a mosaic photo with multiple photos, enshrine happy memories, and exchange it with friends and family.

    The i Photo Mosaic app, which was introduced on March 2, has already secured 100,000 users worldwide just one month after its debut.

    i Photo Mosaic has been picked as a “recommended app” at app stores in the US and Japan, and is currently ranked number one in the entertainment category at app stores in Thailand and the Philippines, gaining immense popularity virtually overnight. As downloads of this app continue to increase, the number of users worldwide is also expected to grow in tandem.

    The i Photo Mosaic application supports five languages (Korean, English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese). It is downloadable free of charge from the iPhone app store and the android market.

    ※ What is the i Tour Seoul service?

    “i Tour Seoul (Seoul tourism brand) is a tourism information portal site for wired and wireless communication that provides information in five languages (Korean, English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese) for the first time in Korea. This portal is very useful and is sure to come in handy for foreigners who are visiting Seoul for the first time.

    ‘i Tour Seoul’ is the brand name for Seoul Tourism’s official websites (www.visitseoul.net and m.visitseoul.net), which provide tourism information on accommodation, restaurants, and tourist hotspots, and diverse tourism convenience services, including reservations and booking, a tourism planner, and electronic maps of tourist destinations. Users can access the service via the “Tour Seoul 1.0 or 2.0” application, which was introduced last year.