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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • 10,000 Subscribers!!! Thank you & 감사합니다~!!!

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1171

    A few days ago, I reached over 10,000 Subscribers on my YouTube channel! That’s super amazing! I feel like I had just reached 1,000 Subscribers!!! I’m very happy that you viewers and Subscribers are happy enough with my videos that you want to continue watching the content I put out. It really means a lot to me!!! This video was filmed at an intersection between the famous Namdaemun Market and the famous Myeongdong shopping district, with Namsan Tower in the background. Seoul is really a great city and I’m very happy to be able to share what I know and my experience with you around the world! ^_^ Thanks for watching!!! Please support me and my videos by Liking, Subscribing, and leaving Comments, Questions, and Suggestions! ^^