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  • 1,000 Wrapped Buses to Traverse Seoul Displaying the Message “Now is the time, Visit Seoul!”

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    One thousand intra-city buses in Seoul have been transformed into messengers promoting Seoul tourism, and will begin traveling all over Seoul from August 15, 2015. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will deploy intra-city buses wrapped with the message “Now is the time, Visit Seoul!” in three languages (English, Korean “서울관광, 지금 이 때다!,” and Chinese: “就是现在, 来首尔吧!”) along 132 bus routes. These buses will remain in operation until the National Day of the People’s Republic of China holiday period (October 1 to 7).

    The catchphrase on the buses was created by Mayor Park Won Soon himself, and was also printed on invitations, t-shirts, and other promotional goods during street marketing events held in three major Chinese cities from August 2 to 5, during Mayor Park’s visit to the country.

    Two hundred buses with the message displayed on both sides will be deployed on 60 routes that crisscross the entire city, while eight hundred buses with the message on only the right side will be deployed on 72 routes passing through major tourist attractions visited by large numbers of foreign tourists, such as Myeongdong, Seoul Station, Gwanghwamun, Seoul City Hall, Dongdaemun, and Jamsil.

    With Mayor Park Won Soon’s self-appointment as the head of the Seoul Tourism Response Headquarters, the Seoul Metropolitan Government began to market the city’s tourism industry directly to the Chinese people, using the catchphrase “Now is the time, Visit Seoul! (就是现在, 来首尔吧!).” In addition to these efforts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is determined to normalize its stagnant tourism market, which was hit hard by the MERS outbreak, through sales events featuring discounts of up to 70 percent, large-scale hallyu concerts, and MICE support measures.


    【 Intra-city Bus Wrapping Advertisement Design 】

    ◆ Both-side Wrapping: 200 buses

    culture_1_1 culture_1_2
    △ Sidewalk-side View △ Road-side View

    ◆ One-side Wrapping: 800 buses