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  • 100 Street Performance Teams Selected for “Street Performance Zones”

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    Through open auditions held in April 2015, a total of 100 “Street Performance Teams” were selected to put on a variety of performances, including singing, instrumental music, magic, and traditional Korean music, at over 100 “Street Performance Zones” from May 16 to November.

    The Street Performance Zones will be open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends at a number of different places throughout the city, such as squares, plazas, parks, traditional markets, and pedestrian streets, including Deoksugung Palace Stone-Wall Road. Depending on the venue, performances will also be held on weekdays at lunchtime and in the evenings.

    In particular, performances will add some vitality to about 40 traditional markets, including Mangwon Market and Tongin Market, and popular tourist attractions, such as Star Square at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Deoksugung Daehanmun Gate and Stone-Wall Road, and Sejong-daero Pedestrian Street, with cartoon streets being run as special zones. In addition, performances will be held at Ogeumgyo Open Stage at Anyangcheon (Stream), Noksapyeong Station Plaza in Itaewon, and Paris Neighborhood Park, offering people more opportunities to enjoy art and performances in their day-to-day lives.

    ▶ “Street Performance Zone” Performance Schedule: http://www.seoulopenstage.kr

    ◼ May, Performance Venues (Opening Date: May 16)

    Banghwa Neighborhood ParkEvery Sunday 16:00Gildong Traditional MarketMay 16th 14:30 /May 21st 15:00
    Golden Park Outdoor StageEvery Saturday 14:00Amsa MarketEvery Friday 15:00
    Seoul Museum of Art (The Buk Seoul Museum of Art) Star SquareEvery Saturday 16:00Gangbuk Traditional MarketEvery Thursday 16:00
    Changdong Culture MadangEvery Sunday 14:00Suyu MarketEvery Tuesday 15:00
    Seoul Folk Flea MarketEvery Saturday 12:00Suyu Traditional MarketEvery Tuesday 16:00
    Seoul Baekje Museum PlazaEvery Saturday 14:00Jayang Alley MarketEvery Wednesday 15:00
    Samcheong ParkEvery Sunday 16:00Junggok Jeil Alley MarketEvery Wednesday 15:00
    Deoksugung Daehanmun GateEvery Wednesday 17:00Guro MarketEvery Thursday 15:00
    Seoul Children’s Grand Park Open StageEvery Tuesday, Thursday 17:00Namguro MarketMay 19th 16:00
    Ujangsan Neighborhood ParkEvery Sunday 16:00Banghak-dong Dokkaebi MarketEvery Sunday 14:00
    Gwanak-gu Office PlazaEvery Saturday 14:00Seoul Yangnyeong MarketEvery Friday 16:00
    Anyangcheon Ogeumgyo Outdoor StageEvery Wednesday 15:00Namseong MarketEvery Saturday 15:00
    Sindorim Station Underground PlazaEvery Tuesday 16:00Namseong Station MarketEvery Wednesday 17:00
    Seocho Saturday Flea Market Open StageEvery Saturday 12:30Seongdae Alley MarketEvery Friday 17:00
    Majang 2-gyo (Bridge) PierEvery Saturday 16:00Mangwon-dong World Cup MarketEvery Wednesday 17:00
    Wangsimni PlazaEvery Sunday 16:00Mangwon MarketEvery Tuesday 17:00
    Sageun Sports ParkEvery Sunday 16:00Yeongcheon MarketMay 16th 14:00 / May 23rd 15:00 / May 30th 15:00
    Hanyang PlazaEvery Friday 17:00Majang Livestock Products MarketEvery Friday 17:00
    Cheonggyecheon Gosanjagyo (Bridge)Every Sunday 15:00Jeongneung New MarketEvery Saturday 14:00
    Paris Neighborhood ParkEvery Sunday 15:00Yongmun MarketEvery Saturday 15:00
    Huam MarketEvery Friday 17:00 / Every Saturday 17:00
    Seoseoul Lake ParkEvery Saturday 14:00Sejong Village Food and Culture Street (Geumcheongyo Market)Every Sunday 16:00
    Hamilton Hotel Small StageEvery Sunday 16:00Tongin MarketEvery Friday 17:00
    Plaza across from Noksapyeong StationEvery Saturday 17:00Samick Fashion TownEvery Saturday 15:00
    Susaek Station PlazaEvery Saturday 16:00Seoul Jungang MarketEvery Sunday 14:00
    Gangnam Yeongdong Traditional Market (formerly Yeongdong Market)Every Friday 16:00Dongbu Alley MarketEvery Thursday 17:00
    Urim Alley MarketEvery Sunday 14:00