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  • 100 Spring Flower Streets in Seoul

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    Let’s enjoy the flowers of spring along 163-kilometers worth of Spring Flower Streets in Seoul

    ‘With spring here amidst the blooming of a myriad of flowers, some practical information about great spring outing options would seem relevant. So, Seoul City has designated 100 flower-lined streets, parks and stream banks as the ‘100 Spring Flower Streets in Seoul’ that total 163-kilometers in length. The ‘100 Seoul Flower Streets in Seoul’ include 36 flower-lined streets inside parks, 29 sidewalks and 31 stream banks.

    Any spring outing with the family or a loved one must include convenient public transportation and various things to enjoy and eat. The large-sized parks in Seoul, such as Dream Forest, Ttukseom Seoul Forest and World Cup Park, meet such conditions. If you want to enjoy a variety of festivals, along with spring flowers, then the Cherry Blossom Festival in Namsan Park and the Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido, by the Hangang, are your safest bets for April.

    After enduring this year’s longer-than-expected winter packed with unusually heavy snowfall, it will do you the world of good to walk along a flower-lined street to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

    100 Spring Flower Streets in Seoul

    Districts Spring Flower Streets
    Jongno-gu (6) Gwanghwamun Square-Seoul Plaza (tulips, herbs), Bugak Sky Way (forsythias, azaleas), Samcheong Park (cherry blossoms), Cheonggyecheonno (Chionanthus retusus), Cheonggyecheon (bridal wreaths, Cornelian Cherry), Sajik Park (Lonicera Japonica)
    Jung-gu (4) Namsan Circular Road (cherry blossoms, azaleas), Pildong-gil (cherry blossoms), Supyodari-gil (Chionanthus retusus), Son Keechung Sports Park (field poppies)
    Yongsan-gu (1) Seobinggo-ro (Chionanthus retusus)
    Seongdong-gu (5) Eungbong Park (forsythias), Seoul Forest (cherry blossoms), Songjeongjebang (roses), Jungnangcheon (cannas, day lilies), Cheonggyecheon (forsythias)
    Gwangjin-gu (4) Children’s Grand Park (cherry blossoms), Achasan Sidewalk (irises), Jungnangcheon (yellow rape flowers), Walkerhill-gil (cherry blossoms)
    Dongdaemun-gu (1) Park & Landscape Circular Road (cherry blossoms)
    Jungnang-gu (6) Sinnae Apt. Complex 8-11 (royal azalea blossoms), Jungnangcheong Sports Park (sweet flags), Jungnangcheon Jangmi-gil (roses) Jungnangcheon Beotkkot-gil (cherry blossoms), Mangusan (cherry blossoms), Weekend Farm (pear blossoms)
    Seongbuk-gu (3) Gaeunsan Park (royal azalea blossoms, cherry blossoms), Arirang-gogae (cherry blossoms, roses), Jungnangcheon (cherry blossoms, pansies)
    Gangbuk-gu (2) Dream Forest (cherry blossoms), Uicheon (cherry blossoms, forsythias)
    Dobong-gu (4) Seoul Changpowon (irises, sweet flags), Madeul-gil (cherry blossoms), Jungnangcheon (royal azalea blossoms, yellow rape flowers), Uicheon (cherry blossoms)
    Nowon-gu (3) Uicheon (cherry blossoms), Danghyeoncheon (cherry blossoms), Ganchon Village Garo Park (royal azalea blossoms
    Eunpyeong-gu (2) Jungsan Jinheung-ro (cherry blossoms), Bulgwangcheon (cheery blossoms)
    Seodaemun-gu (5) Ansan (cheery blossoms, royal azalea blossoms), Hongjecheon (forsythias, royal azalea blossoms), Sinchon Myeongmul-geori (cherry blossoms), Namgajwa-dong Central Road (cheery blossoms), Bulgwangcheon (bridal wreath)
    Mapo-gu (6) World Cup Park Green Plaza (yellow rape flowers), World Cup Park Metropolis-gil (field poppies), World Cup Park Iris Complex (irises, sweet flags), Dongmak 1 (il)-gil (cherry blossoms), Seongsan Park (acacia blossoms), Wau Park (cherry blossoms)
    Yangcheon-gu (4) Anyangcheon (cherry blossoms), Deungchon-ro(forsythias), Sinteuri Park (wild flowers), Dalmaeul Park (royal azalea blossoms)
    Gangseo-gu (5) Ujangsan Park (apricot blossoms), Gungsan Park (azaleas, forsythias), Banghwa Park (cherry blossoms), Garo Park-gil (cherry blossoms), Gomdallae-gil (cherry blossoms)
    Guro-gu (4) Green Arboretum (yellow rape flowers), Anyangcheon Gocheokgyo (yellow rape flowers), Anyangcheon Sinjeonggyo (royal azalea blossoms), Anyangcheon Jebang (cherry blossoms, royal azalea blossoms)
    Geumcheon-gu (2) Beotkkotsimni-gil (cherry blossoms), Anyangcheon (cherry blossoms)
    Yeongdeungpo-gu (3) Yeouido Yunjung-ro (cherry blossoms), Singil 6 (yuk)-dong Beotkkot-gil (cherry blossoms), Anyangcheon (cherry blossoms)
    Dongjak-gu (4) Maebong-gil (cherry blossoms), Sadang-ro (Chionanthus retusus, apricot flowers), Noryangjin Park (apricot flowers), Bondong Distributing Reservoir Park (royal azalea blossoms, wild flowers)
    Gwanak-gu (6) Dorimcheon (cherry blossoms), Yangnyeong-ro (cherry blossoms), Bongcheon-ro (cherry blossoms), Nakseongdae-gil (cherry blossoms), Samyuk-gil (cherry blossoms), Way to Gwanaksan (royal azalea blossoms)
    Seocho-gu (6) Hangang Seoraeseom (yellow rape flowers), Cheonggyesan Jindallaeneungseon (azaleas), Cheonggyesan Tokki Ongdalsam (royal azalea blossoms), Umyeonsan (cherry blossoms), Yangjaecheon (forsythias, azaleas), Banpocheon (azaleas)
    Gangnam-gu (2) Yangjaedaero (forsythias), Yangjaecheon (forsythias)
    Songpa-gu (8) Seokchon Lake (cherry blossoms, royal azalea blossoms), Seokchon Lake (irises, wild flowers), Ogeum Park (royal azalea blossoms, forsythias), Seongnaecheon Dunchi (cherry blossoms), Tancheon (forsythias), Seongnaecheon (forsythias), Jangjicheon (forsythias), Rodeo Street (Chionanthus retusus)
    Gangdong-gu (3) Bangadari-gil (Chionanthus retusus), Garaeyeoul-gil (cherry blossoms), Herb Park (herbs like lavenders)
    Gwacheon-si (1) Seoul Grand Park Sunhwan-ro (cherry blossoms)