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  • 100-Point Energy Masters Gathered at 10:00 on 10/10

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    Some 200 people, including 129 representing families and various organizations that excel in their efforts to conserve energy, gathered together at 10:00 on October 10. Housewife Kim Hye-suk keeps a record of fridge opening and closing. Mrs. Jeong Jeon-hui generates electricity with a solar energy generating facility at home. Energy Guardians at Myogok Middle School rush around turning off unnecessary lights at school.

    They were selected by the metropolitan government from among 680,000 members of Eco-Mileage for their outstanding contributions to the cause.

    As of the end of September 2012, the 680,000 members of Eco Mileage included 646,961 families, 1,406 schools, 1,702 apartment complexes, and 31,402 commercial buildings.

    507,044 members participated in a year-long survey which shows that for the year from August 2011 to July 2012, 277,395 members, or 54.7%, voluntarily pitched in and saved a total of 100,715 tons of energy, i.e., the equivalent of 203,856 tons of carbon emissions.

    Mayor Park Won Soon awarded prizes to 129 individuals and organizations, including 28 homemakers, 13 schools, 23 teachers and students, 24 apartment complexes, 25 representatives of apartment complexes, and 16 commercial buildings.

    The award recommendations for homemakers were made by district offices while those for organizations were made by an evaluation panel composed of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, civil groups and energy consumption experts. The evaluation criteria focused on actual energy conservation realized by individuals and organizations.

    The city of Seoul has worked to expand the range of Eco-Mileage benefits. Starting from September 15, members residing in apartments or other types of multi-unit dwellings can use their mileage to pay for their housing maintenance costs under what is known as the ‘Multi-Unit Dwelling Maintenance Costs Automatic Deduction Service.’ This is the first time such a service has been implemented in Korea.

    Specifically, if someone asks for a reduction of maintenance costs by September 20, the reduction is reflected in the bill issued in October. However, if the application is made later than the 20th, the deduction will be reflected in the November bill.

    Seoul Eco-Mileage benefits cover the purchase of environmentally-friendly goods, gift certificates issued by traditional markets, and transportation cards. In the case of an eco-mileage card holder, his/her credit card mileage is added by a certain percentage point. The Eco-Mileage benefits have now been extended to the payment of housing maintenance costs.