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  • 100 Guardians of the Rights of Young People Recruited

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 5053

    Part-time work is usually the first job done by most young people in their life. Thus, part-time work often leaves people with precious memories of their youth. In consideration of this, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to help part-time workers not receive unreasonable treatment from their employers, and thus has recruited 100 guardians, who will watch to ensure that young part-time workers’ rights are protected properly.

    The guardians will undergo 40 hours of job-related education about labor laws and counseling skills, check the status of the workplaces where the young people work, and help them receive reasonable treatment. They will also distribute standard employment contract forms for the part-timers to refer to that explain their rights as employees.

    Where it is judged that professional consulting is required, the guardians will advise part-time workers to call the Seoul Labor Center or SMG officials in charge of protection of workers’ rights.

    The SMG will also launch a community where young part-time workers can share information and communicate with each other, while helping them gain their rights through seminars on labor laws and workers’ rights.

    The SMG will provide educational sessions on workers’ rights in order to prevent young people from suffering disadvantages due to ignorance. It also plans to develop programs within the year designed to heal the mind of young people hurt from their emotional labor.

    ▶ For inquiries, please call the Job Policy Division (☎02-2133-5438).