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  • 100 days left until 100th National Sports Festival in Seoul, and its torch relay tours the nation from Dokdo Island, Panmunjeom to Marado Island

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  • 100 days left until 100th National Sports Festival in Seoul, and its torch relay tours the nation from Dokdo Island, Panmunjeom to Marado Island

  • Press Releases SMG 679
    • Detailed plan and progress to date on the 100th National Sports Festival is announced to prepare for a sports festival of peace, harmony and deep impression
    • The torch relay will cover a minimum of 17 cities with 1,100 participants including citizens and sports stars
    • The Bank of Korea will issue its first National Sports Festival commemorating coins numbering 10,000. The real coins shall be disclosed on June 26 and pre-reservation is available July 4.
    • A variety of events await the guests and audience including K-pop star concert, a choir composed of citizens, foreigners and the physically challenged and the fireworks over the Hangang River
    • Seoul gears up to welcome the guests by providing 3,714 buses and rental cars as well as matching accommodations for overseas Korean athletes visiting from 15 countries

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 27, 2019 — The 100th National Sports Festival and the 39th National Para Games will kick off in Seoul in 100 days in October after the ups and downs of a century. The 100th National Sports Festival will be held from October 4 to 10 at 72 stadiums including the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium with 47 sports events. Some 30,000 athletes from 17 cities and provinces throughout Korea as well as from 18 overseas Korean sports teams will take part in the games. The 39th National Para Games shall be hosted between October 15 to 19 at 35 venues with 30 events. Approximately 9,000 participants including sports teams, executive leaders and guardians are expected.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to hold a torch relay event covering 17 cities and provinces for the first time in the history of the National Sports Festival to make it an event of national harmony. 1,100 participants from all different ranks of the society are expected to participate in the relay event, running a total of 2,019 km. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is reviewing that the torch will be preserved together with that of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics permanently to continue the flame and wishes of the National Sports Festival until a possible 2032 Seoul-Pyeongyang Olympics.

    To commemorate the national sports event, a wide variety of special featured events based on legacies of the past 100 years of the National Sports Festival including the championship flags, torches, medals and videos and also photo exhibitions, National Sports Festival mascots Haetti and Haeon sculptures and other exhibitions will take place in Seoul. A Total of 7,777 volunteers, the biggest number in the 100-year history and the 10,000 citizen supporters will be the other heroes of the event symbolizing the power of citizens. The reproduction of baseball games, the first and the only sports event at the 1st National Sports Festival in 1920 will be made on July 20. At pro-all stars baseball match in the City of Changwon, specially pitching the first ball wearing durumagi, or Korean traditional overcoat, and a baseball cap which was the baseball uniform back then will be presented.

    A total of the existing 84 stadiums in Seoul and other cities including the Jangchung Gymnasium, the Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium and the Olympic Gymnastics Arena shall be used for the sports events. Among the venues, repair and maintenance shall be completed for the 35 stadiums by the end of June. The safety checks of the stadium facilities shall be conducted in two rounds jointly by outside experts and related institutions from the end of June to August to make the environment safe and pleasant. For the 35 stadiums requiring repair and maintenance (42%), 79 repairs (82%) have been completed among a total of 96 cases. The remaining 17 repairs including painting and sound device replacement which can be done in a short term shall be completed by the end of June.