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  • 100-Day Energy Saving Contest

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    The “Winter Energy Saving Contest” will be held for 100 days, from December 2014 to February 2015. Based on the amount of energy saved during this time, an incentive of up to KRW 10 million will be given out. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the contest for the second year in a row in an effort to spread energy conservation practices throughout apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

    Last year, a total of KRW 13.9 billion in energy costs was saved and CO2 emissions were reduced by 10.259kg in the 203 apartment complexes that participated in the contest. A total of 918 commercial buildings/facilities participated in the contest as well, reducing energy consumption by 1,021MWh and saving about KRW 100 million in energy costs. In March 2015, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will evaluate the apartment complexes and commercial buildings/facilities that participated in the contest and offer energy conservation incentives to those that saved the most energy.

    The management cost of apartment complexes can be significantly reduced if existing equipment and facilities are replaced with high efficiency equipment. For example, energy costs can be reduced if the lights in parking lots and other public spaces are replaced with LED lights. In commercial buildings (facilities), reducing electricity consumption during the maximum load hours can reduce electricity costs considerably as well as prevent power outages.

    Commercial buildings/facilities will be divided into two categories: those under 5kW and those over 5kW in contract demand. A total of KRW 2 million will be provided as energy conservation incentives to the winner, and the money will go toward the purchase of energy conservation equipment and facility improvement.

    The contest evaluation will be conducted in two steps. First, the amount of energy consumed over the three-month period (December 2014 to February 2015) will be checked and compared to the amount consumed during the same period of the previous year. Then, the energy conservation practices that are currently in place at the apartment complexes and commercial buildings/facilities will be reviewed. Following that, a total of 65 apartment complexes and 24 commercial buildings/facilities will be selected as finalists.

    Registration is open until January 2015, and all apartment complexes and small and medium-sized commercial buildings are welcome to participate in the contest.

    Registration: One Less Nuclear Power Plant Initiative Website (http://energy.seoul.go.kr)

    Contact: 2133-3718