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  • 10% Discount for Express Mail Service Made Available to Foreign Spouses in Seoul

  • Integrated News SMG 2543

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an agreement with Korea Post’s Seoul branch to launch a service that grants a 10 percent discount on the express mail service (EMS) and the EMS premium service to foreign spouses married to Koreans.

    As the number of foreign spouses married to Koreans has risen markedly over the past three years, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the discount service has been made available to help foreign wives married to Korean men to communicate more easily with their families and friends in their home countries and to settle into Korean society, and to provide mental support by easing their feelings of loneliness.

    As such, 41,123 foreign people who are married to Koreans, i.e., 0.4 percent of Seoul’s population, will be able to benefit from fee discounts under the agreement.

    The 10 percent discount on EMS will be available to foreign spouses married to Koreans if they visit a post office in Seoul with a valid ID (a resident ID or a foreign resident ID) and a certificate of family relations (a resident register certificate that includes the foreign spouse). A photocopy of the certificate can be reused. The service will continue if the level of user satisfaction remains high.