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Speaking Korean

혼자 들 수 있어요?

[ honja deul su iss-eoyo? ]


  • 혼자 들 수 있어요?
    Can you lift it on your own?
  • 예, 무겁지만 들 수 있어요.
    Yes, it's heavy, but I can lift it.
  • 그 꽃이 아름답지요?
    Is the flower beautiful?
  • 예, 아름답지만 향기가 없어요.
    Yes, It's beautiful, but it has no scent.
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Korean culture & Tip

In the workplace in Korea, you need to use different manners than your day-to-day manners. Even if you are leaving for a short time, it is good manners to tell your colleague where you will be going, the time you expect to come back, and the reason why you have to leave. When you leave, you need to obtain permission from your boss and report in when you are back.