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Speaking Korean

저 사람은 노래를 잘 해요?

[ Jeo salam-eun nolaeleul jal haeyo? ]


  • 저 사람은 노래를 잘 해요?
    Is that man a good singer?
  • 아니오, 가수인데 노래를 못 해요.
    No, he is a singer, but he can't sing.
  • 김선생님 좀 바꿔 주세요.
    I want to talk to Mr. Kim, please.
  • 지금 통화중인데요.
    He is on another line now.
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Korean culture & Tip

Seoul has different types of medical facilities. Among them, MRS is a 24 hours medical recommendation service for foreigners. Medical agents who can speak English operate it and the government of Seoul supports it. Additionally, there are international general hospitals, foreigner exclusive hospitals, Oriental medicine clinics, and free medicine facilities, etc.