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Speaking Korean

잊기 전에 메모할까요?

[ Ijgi jeon-e memohalkkayo? ]


  • 잊기 전에 메모할까요?
    Should I write a note before I forget?
  • 예, 잊기 전에 메모하세요.
    Yes, write a note before you forget.
  • 문을 열기 전에 노크할까요?
    Do I knock on the door before I open it?
  • 예, 문을 열기 전에 노크하세요.
    Yes, knock on the door before you open it.
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Korean culture & Tip

You can exchange money at banks or exchange centers, and each bank has different types of exchangeable traveler’s checks. If you want to open a new account at the bank, you can apply by bringing your identification (certificate of alien registration or passport) to the bank branch. Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.