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Speaking Korean

역사 공부가 어렵지요?

[ Yeogsa gongbuga eolyeobjiyo? ]


  • 역사 공부가 어렵지요?
    Are your history studies hard?
  • 예, 역사 공부가 어렵습니다.
    Yes, my history studies are hard.
  • 아기가 튼튼하지요?
    Is your baby healthy?
  • 예, 아기가 튼튼해요.
    Yes, my baby is healthy.
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Korean culture & Tip

In the workplace in Korea, you need to use different manners than your day-to-day manners. Even if you are leaving for a short time, it is good manners to tell your colleague where you will be going, the time you expect to come back, and the reason why you have to leave. When you leave, you need to obtain permission from your boss and report in when you are back.