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Speaking Korean

어제 본 영화가 어땠어요?

[ Eoje bon yeonghwaga eottaess-eoyo? ]


  • 어제 본 영화가 어땠어요?
    How was the movie that you saw yesterday?
  • 아주 재미있었어요.
    It was very interesting.
  • 내일 할 일이 많아요?
    Do you have a lot of things to do tomorrow?
  • 아니오, 별로 없어요.
    No, not really.
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Korean culture & Tip

Seoul has different types of medical facilities. Among them, MRS is a 24 hours medical recommendation service for foreigners. Medical agents who can speak English operate it and the government of Seoul supports it. Additionally, there are international general hospitals, foreigner exclusive hospitals, Oriental medicine clinics, and free medicine facilities, etc.