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Speaking Korean

설날에 어디 간다고 해요?

[ Seolnal-e eodi gandago haeyo? ]


  • 설날에 어디 간다고 해요?
    Where do they go on New Year's Day?
  • 할아버지 댁에 간다고 해요.
    They say they will go to my grandfather's house.
  • 윷놀이가 재미있다고 해요?
    Do they say Yute is interesting?
  • 네, 아주 재미있다고 해요.
    Yes, they say it's quite interesting.
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Korean culture & Tip

Korea’s main holidays are Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day), etc. Chuseok is the day you thank your ancestors for the safe year you had. It is similar to the North American Thanksgiving Day. During Seollal, it is a tradition to bow down to people older than you. Men and women have different ways that they should bow. Men put their left hand over their right hand, and women place their right hand over their left hand. During Korean holidays, you usually eat Songpyeon (Half-moon Shape Rice Cake) on Chuseok, and Tteokguk (Sliced Rice Cake Soup) on Seollal.