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Speaking Korean

문을 닫은 후에 에어컨을 켭니까?

[ Mun-eul dad-eun hue eeokeon-eul kyeobnikka? ]


  • 문을 닫은 후에 에어컨을 켭니까?
    Do I turn on the air-conditioner after I close the door?
  • 네, 문을 닫은 후에 에어컨을 켭니다.
    Yes, turn on the air-conditioner after closing the door.
  • 언제 이야기할까요?
    When can we talk?
  • 책을 읽은 후에 이야기합시다.
    Let's talk after we read the book.
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Korean culture & Tip

You have the chance to visit friends’ houses or clients’ office. Your friends will invite you to their homes when they are having housewarming and birthday parties. At a housewarming party, you have the chance to celebrate with them and wish them well with their new adventures in their new house. Guests usually bring household items that can be used in the new house.