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Speaking Korean

대한항공이지요? 비행기표를 예약하고 싶은데요.

[ Daehanhang-gong-ijiyo? Bihaeng-gipyoleul yeyaghago sip-eundeyo ]


  • 대한항공이지요? 비행기표를 예약하고 싶은데요.
    Korean Airlines? I'd like to make a flight reservation?
  • 언제 어디로 가십니까?
    When and where do you want to go?
  • 27일에 상파울로에 갈 계획입니다.
    I plan to go to Sao Paolo on the 27th.
  • L.A.로 해서 상파울로에 가는 비행기가 있는데요.
    We have a flight to Sao Paolo via L.A.
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Korean culture & Tip

You can make reservations at hotels and restaurants, as well as book flights. However, some restaurants keep to their old ways and make you wait there and do not allow for reservations.