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Speaking Korean

그 사람이 누구예요?

[ Geu salam-i nuguyeyo? ]


  • 그 사람이 누구예요?
    Who is that man?
  • 자주 만나는데 이름을 몰라요.
    I meet him quite often, but don't know his name.
  • 그 소설 어때요?
    How is that novel?
  • 어제 읽었는데 참 재미있어요.
    I read it yesterday and it was very interesting.
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Korean culture & Tip

Seoul has different types of medical facilities. Among them, MRS is a 24 hours medical recommendation service for foreigners. Medical agents who can speak English operate it and the government of Seoul supports it. Additionally, there are international general hospitals, foreigner exclusive hospitals, Oriental medicine clinics, and free medicine facilities, etc.