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Speaking Korean

곧 바로 시장에 갈까요?

[ God balo sijang-e galkkayo? ]


  • 곧 바로 시장에 갈까요?
    Do I go directly to the market?
  • 아니오, 우체국으로 해서 시장에 갑시다.
    No, let's go to the market by way of the post office.
  • 백화점으로 해서 집으로 갈 거예요?
    Will you go home via the department store?
  • 예, 백화점으로 해서 집으로 갈 거예요.
    Yes, I will go home by way of the department store.
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Korean culture & Tip

You can make reservations at hotels and restaurants, as well as book flights. However, some restaurants keep to their old ways and make you wait there and do not allow for reservations.