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  • “Seoul, Our Movie” Your video will be made into a movie by world-famous directing duo PARKing CHANce

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    World-renowned film directors Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong (*PARKing CHANce) announced on August 20 a plan for the production of Seoul, our Movie, which will be made with the participation of global citizens.

    Seoul, our Movie is part of a Seoul Metropolitan Government-planned global brand marketing project. PARKing CHANce will make a film with a theme related to Seoul through the editing of films submitted by global citizens.

    Anyone interested may apply through a YouTube Official Custom Channel (www.youtube.com/seoulourmovie).

    Classification Context

    – Submittal: August 20, 2013 ~ November 9, 2013 (12 weeks)

    – Announcement of results: November 22, 2013 / Preview event: January 18, 2014

    Qualification Any and all global citizens who love Seoul and are able to make a film; no restrictions.

    Format: Any and all video files that are able to be uploaded on YouTube.

    *Note: All videos must include “Seoul” in their titles.


    Not exceeding 5 minutes


    Documentaries, fiction films, films of reenacted events, self-filmed movies, films created from still photos, etc.

    *Note: Parody films will be rejected.


    Working in Seoul, Made in Seoul, and Seoul

    How to apply

    1. Subscribe to ‘Seoul Our Movie’ on YouTube(www.youtube.com/seoulourmovie)

    2. Read directions for submission and important notices thoroughly.

    3. Select one of the movie themes and film your video.

    4. Publish your production on the “Seoul” Movie Contest site


    *Note: Publish your video by adding a comment with a link to your video on YouTube.

    5. Promote your video through social networking sites to increase the numbers of views and ‘likes’ on YouTube.
    6. Be sure to register your work using the YouTube account.

    You may also take part in the film production by recommending a film that you like among those uploaded to YouTube Custom Channel.

    The submitted works will be screened on a monthly basis according to popularity (number of views and recommendations) by being uploaded to the YouTube Channel. Works selected by the directors will be used for the film.

    The directors will create a story and make the film based on the selected works.

    The production of Seoul, Our Movie is scheduled to be completed by January 2014. It will be opened to the public through a preview event as well as online.

    Those finally selected will be given the following: opportunity to visit Seoul and take part in the preview event (three days), car, and laptop.

    For more details, please visit the official YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/seoulourmovie) and the official blog (www.seoulourmovie.net).

    “We hope many Seoul lovers take part in the project. We would like to depict the genuine aspects of the city,” Mr. Park Chan-wook and Mr. Park Chan-kyong said.

    *PARKing CHANce is a brand based on the names of Park Chan-wook and his younger brother Park Chan-kyong. It has been recognized for its uniqueness from others and the interesting stories contained in the films. It has produced a total of four films: Day Trip (2012), Odal Slow (2011), Night Fishing (2010), and V (2013).

    1. Direction and screenplay: PARKing CHANce


    PARKing CHANce is a brand based on the names of Park Chan-wook and his younger brother Park Chan-kyong.

    2. PARKing CHANce Filmography:


    V (2013); Day Trip (2012); Odal Slow (2011); Night Fishing (2010)

    3. Park Chan-wook Filmography

    Stoker (2013); Thirst (2009); I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006); Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005); Three, Extremes (2004); Oldboy (2003); Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002); JSA (Joint Security Area) (2000), etc.

    4. Park Chang-kyong Filmography

    Female Shaman (to be released in 2013); Anyang, Paradise City (2010); Sindoan (2008); Flying (2006); Power Passage (2004), etc.