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  • “Save the Earth by Saving Energy”

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    Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended the ceremony celebrating the 7th annual energy day on August 16. He stated that we need to prepare for the future energy shortage through sustainable development and eco-friendly policies. He also called on citizens to conserve energy in their daily lives.

    The Energy Network first designated August 22 as the energy day to reduce electricity consumption in 2003. On August 22, 2003, energy consumption reached an all time high. Mayor Oh said in his brief address that Korea is the 10th largest energy importer whose dependence on foreign source of energy is as much as 96.4%, so we won’t be immune to an energy crisis. He also said that we can save the earth and leave a clean environment to our children by conserving energy.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government released the low carbon green growth master plan, and set an aggressive target to reduce energy consumption by 15% and greenhouse gas emission by 25% by 2020. The metropolitan government is making every effort to meet its target and create a low-carbon energy-sustainable city.

    At the ceremony, there was an event titled, “Turn off the lights and light up the stars,” which was to turn off all the lights in public offices of the whole country for 5 minutes beginning at 9 o’clock p.m. In Seoul, 63 Building, LG Twin Tower, Seoul Square, Inchon International Airport, Seoul N Tower and about 120 buildings around the Seoul Square participated in this event to save energy.