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  • “Ondol Welfare Project” Now Running All Year Round!

  • Integrated News SMG 2572

    “Ondol Welfare Project” continues on year-round basis and “Ondol Welfare Citizen Planning Council” becomes permanent organization.

    Starting this year, the “Ondol Welfare Project” will be run all year round, and is no longer just a winter project to help the underprivileged survive the cold.

    In addition, regional networks will be further enhanced to identify and provide support to more welfare blind spots in their respective areas, while the Ondol Welfare Citizen Planning Council will henceforth be run as a permanent organization.

    「Mesh Network Welfare Center」 changes to 「Welfare NPO Support Center」

    The Mesh Network Welfare Center, under the Seoul Welfare Foundation, is set to become the Welfare NPO Support Center, which, as a grassroots civic organization, will play a central role in promoting close cooperation between the public and private sectors.

    「Seoul Welfare Legal Counseling Center」 to be opened in June

    In the course of implementing the welfare program, 264 problems in 12 areas were identified. These issues will be addressed by the Seoul Welfare Legal Counseling Center, which is due to open June this year as an expert legal service organization backed by the Seoul Bar Association, Lawyers for a Democratic Society, and Peoples’ Solidarity for Participatory Democracy.

    The Online Ondol Welfare Community Map (http://ondol.welfare.seoul.kr) will be enhanced and exemplary cases selected through ‘Ondol Welfare’ contests will be actively publicized with the aim of boosting participation by ordinary citizens and private organizations in the cause.

    We hope that in 2012, the Ondol Welfare Project will bring love to more of our neighbors, filling Seoul’s sky with warmth.