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  • “No Car Week” Starts Today! Use Public Transportation to Get to Work.

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that “Car-Free Week in Seoul” will be run (9/17-9/23) under the theme of “Car-Free Day in Seoul” and co-sponsored by the Green Transportation Movement and other civic groups.

    The city is running a signature campaign for its “Car-Free Day” via the homepage (www.carfreeday.or.kr) to encourage citizens to take an interest and participate in the “Car-Free Day in Seoul” campaign by walking, cycling, or using public transportation to get to work rather than driving.

    Furthermore, Seoul City and the “Car-Free Day in Seoul 2012” civic organization will sponsor various programs on the sidewalks aimed at getting citizens to use public transportation instead of driving their own cars on the “Car-Free Day in Seoul,” and there will be other “Car-Free Day” events in the twenty-five autonomous regions from the 17th(Monday) to the 23rd(Sunday). Notably, on Sunday, September 23rd, Seoul citizens will have an opportunity to directly participate in various citizen experience events and experience fun and interesting programs on the pedestrian-only streets of Sejong-ro.

    From 6AM to 7PM on Sunday, 23rd, which is the last day of the “Car-Free Week in Seoul,” a demonstration of pedestrian-only streets will be operated in the section between the Gwanghwamun Samgeori and Sejongno Sageori (550m) for pedestrians and cyclists only. The area between the two intersections will be blocked both ways for three hours from 6AM to 9AM, and only one way from 9AM to 7PM.

    Jeong Hong-sun, head of Eco-friendly Transportation Division of Seoul, advised citizens to use public transportation and bypass the pedestrian-only section on “Car-Free Day,” adding, “I hope our citizens will participate as it will help to revitalize the use of public transportation, making Seoul free of cars.” The ‘Car-Free Day’ was originally established in 1997 with the catchphrase “In town without my car” in the seaport of La Rochelle in western France. Since then, this practical campaign has spread to numerous cities, with as many as 2,268 cities and villages in 43 countries having participated as of 2011.