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  • “Mysterious Time Traveler” on a Journey to the Past on Hangang (River)

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    Poster for the Performance of “Mysterious Time Traveler”

    Demand for “Healing” is gaining momentum in Korea as people want to look back into their hectic journey so far and take a deep breath before continuing on their voyage into the future.

    To meet such need of the citizens, Seoul Metropolitan Government has staged “Mysterious Time Traveler,” an outdoor theater play. It presents Hangang (River) as a vehicle for the trip to the country’s past.

    “Mysterious Time Traveler” features exciting historical stories about the river and seeks to have direct communication with the audience. It is a new form of Korean open door theater that “breathes together” with spectators.

    The performance is staged every Saturday until October 26, 2012 at 12:00 noon and 7 o’clock in the evening.



    The program is part of “The Seoul Metropolitan Government Tourist Attraction Development through the Storytelling Project.” Specifically, the program falls under the Hangang (River) Region, one of the five major focus areas of the project.

    The Seoul Metropolitan government plans to make the “Mysterious Time Traveler” performance the starting point of the J-Bug Museum and Ttukseom Hangang Park, which is emerging ras a major tourist attraction of Seoul where residents and tourists alike can take a good rest while enjoying cultural activities against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery of Hangang (River).

    The performance in the J-Bug is “a fusion period drama” featuring Korea’s major historical figures against the backdrop of the river regardless of the time period where they belong.

    The characters in the drama include: “Sondol,” a sailor during the Goryeo Dynasty; Prince Hyoreong (King Sejong’s elder brother) and a royal pavilion called Mangwonjeong along Hangang (River) during the Joseon Dynasty; Heungseon Daewongun, a regent of the Joseon Dynasty and an episode of Hakuseon Ship, and; Ahn Chang-nam, the country’s first pilot who did a stunt flying over the sky above Hangang (River) in the 1920s.



    The theater performance is also accompanied by mesmerizing performances by taffy sellers, street musicians, and Bukcheong water sellers, the most renowned water sellers in the country from an area called Bukcheong.

    The accompanying performances most effectively function as attention getters for the theater performance among park visitors as well as natural guides to the site of the theater performance.

    The audience can also have their pictures taken with the actors and actresses following the performance.

    The event will be an exciting opportunity for children to learn about the country’s history in a very fun way. Adults will also get the chance to look back into the past with some nostalgia. Finally, the audience will be able to overcome the generational gaps and feel much closer among themselves. Come and enjoy the performance and a whole lot more in and around J-Bug Museum.