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  • “Hi Seoul Festival 2011” to Open On May 5

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    Main Poster (Illustration Version)The Hi Seoul Festival 2011, co-hosted and organized by the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture and Seoul Metropolitan Government, will open in Yeouido Hangang Park and in various urban squares (Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza and Gwanghwamun Square) on May 5.

    During the festival, to be held over six days from May 5 to 10, some 300 nonverbal performances, including about 150 invitational performances by 47 groups from eleven countries, will be staged for the public.

    All the outdoor performances during the Hi Seoul Festival 2011 are open to the public free of charge. Tickets for the indoor performances held at the Big Top Village in Yeouido Hangang Park can be reserved in advance at the festival homepage (www.hiseoulfest.org).

    At noon on May 5, the opening day of the festival, a Seoul open air market and world street play parade, to be enjoyed together with 10,000 citizens, will be held at the Seoul Plaza to celebrate the opening day of the festival. At 8pm, about fifty citizens will perform an event, in which they will form a human net 30m up in the air at Yeouido Hangang Park. Furthermore, a great rainbow-colored festival called ‘Rainbow Drops’, a masterpiece of aerial performance art designed to adorn the nighttime sky of Seoul, will be held.

    [Spain] La Fura Dels Baus,‘Rainbow Drops’, [Korea] Noridan, ‘The Dream of Whale’, [Australia] Snuff Puppets, ‘Boom Family’

    The Great Wall of Book set up in Seoul Plaza from May 1, prior to the festival opening, will stage an unexpected Flashmob event under the name of “Take Off Your Skin_Toys Project” together with the participation of ninety citizens at noon on May 5.

    Bird’s-Eye-View of Big Top Village at the Hi Seoul Festival 2011

    Meanwhile, the associated programs of the Hi Seoul Festival 2011, such as the Garden Five Festival, Culture-vested Playground, Seoul Street Artists, will create an exciting cultural and artistic atmosphere for Seoul’s citizens during the festival period.