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  • “Arisu Tourism Course” Learning, Seeing and Enjoying Seoul’s Water

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    The Arisu Tourism Course, a program to experience the history of Seoul’s waterworks and tour surrounding areas, will be developed for tourists’ home and abroad.

    Last year alone, approximately 70,000 tourists visited the Waterworks Museum and Arisu Water Treatment Plant. The figures are rising every year, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government is devising various programs, such as the Waterworks Experience Tour, to assist visitors’ understanding of Arisu.

    Previously, the programs included only a tour and explanation of the facilities. The new programs will offer a chance for visitors to acquire hands-on experience at Seoul’s major waterworks facilities, such as the Arisu Water Treatment Plant, and select from three courses to explore Seoul’s famous destinations nearby.

    Arisu Exploration Course 1: Waterworks Museum – Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center – Seoul Forest: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Arisu

    Visitors can appreciate the value of water at the Waterworks Museum, designated Tangible Cultural Property No. 72 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, located within the Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center, and boasting a 102-year history. Various interesting programs, such as making natural soap and trying the water-carrying yoke, are currently in service.

    Visiting the Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center to experience its state-of-the-art manufacturing process should be an interesting addition to the course.

    A walk through Seoul Forest and experience of the seasonal changes and beauty of surrounding trees and flowers will charm all visitors. In particular, the Hill of Wind, overlooking the entire forest, is a delightful path with a breathtaking view of the Hangang River.

    Family Experience Exploration Course 2: Arisu Promotion Center (to open in July) – Guui Water Purification Center – Cultural Properties

    How about giving children a chance to see cultural properties and evidence of historical facts and to experience the water and environment?

    The Guui Water Purification Plants 1 and 2, registered as cultural properties, offer an opportunity to see the changing history of the waterworks in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. In addition, Korea’s first Children’s Water Promotion Center located in the Neungdong Children’s Grand Park will open in July this year. This course will be both a learning and entertaining experience for the entire family.

    Green Exploration Course 3: Yeongdeungpo Advanced Water Purification Center – Westlake Park

    The environmentally-friendly Yeongdeungpo Advanced Water Purification Center and Westlake Park, which is Seoul’s largest park in the southwest region, are the stuff of new memories for local residents.

    The park is impressive in that it used to be an inaccessible water purification plant but now has harmonious structures made from water pipes to create a unique atmosphere.

    Applications for each course may be made through the waterworks website (http://arisu.seoul.go.kr) or by telephone – with the exception of the Yeongdeungpo Advanced Water Purification Center and Arisu Promotion Center located within the Neungdong Children’s Grand Park, which will be completed, come July. If possible, all three courses will be in service from July.

    • Waterworks website : http://arisu.seoul.go.kr
    • Waterworks Museum : (02) 3146-5936
    • Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center : (02) 3146-5555
    • Guui Arisu Water Purification Center : (02) 3146-5400
    • Yeongdeungpo Arisu Water Purification Center : (02) 3146-5600