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  • ‘The Story of Chungmugong’ to open on April 28

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    The memorial hall for the legendary naval commander Yi Sun-shin of the late 16th century

    The memorial hall for the legendary naval commander Yi Sun-shin, The Story of Chungmugong, will be built on a site of 2,013 square meters, next to ‘The Story of King Sejong’ exhibition hall, in the Gwanghwamun Square. Chungmugong, which means martial lord of loyalty, is a posthumous title awarded to Yi, who was noted for his great victories against the Japanese navy, between 1592 and 1598, during the Joseon Dynasty. The memorial hall will consist of 12 themes such as ‘challenge,’ ‘royalty’ and ‘patriotism,’ depicted to preserve Yi’s legacy.

    In the memorial hall will be a turtle ship recreated to 55 percent of the actual ship’s size to give visitors a clear idea of the type of ship Admiral Yi used to beat the Japanese navy. Thus, visitors will be able to enter the ship and take a closer look inside. Given the situation that there are several opinions about the real shape of the turtle ship, the mock-up is being built based on another mock-up constructed by the Korea Naval Academy and a group of advisory panels.

    The memorial hall is expected to find favor with families because there will be a ‘virtual experience zone’ that will allow them to fire the artillery or row the turtle ship. Also, visitors will be able to understand how Panokseon, a warship used by the Joseon Dynasty, is being built, raise a sail and participate in making a mock turtle ship.

    In particular, using a video screen with motion-recognition capabilities, visitors will be able to row the turtle ship in a scene depicting a naval battle during the Imjin War or the Japanese invasion of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty.

    Understand the life of Admiral Yi in the 4-D Experience Zone

    The heroic life of Admiral Yi Sun-shin will be depicted in a three-dimensional motion picture and aired in a four-dimensional experience zone. With 32 seats that tremble, spray water into your face as the wind blows and emit oceanic aromas, the 4-D Experience Zone will allow visitors to vividly experience the battle scene. The 4-D Experience Zone will be completed in July, with the seats being built using local technology.

    The ‘Story of Chungmugong’ will consist of eight experience zones showcasing Yi’s life with a more human touch, stories about the Imjin War and others. The experience zones are the ‘Welcome Zone,’ ‘The Upright Life of Seongwoong (Saintly Hero) Yi Sun-sin,’ ‘A Creative Idea Leading to Victory,’ ‘The Strategy and Tactics of the Great Commander Who Saved a Nation,’ ‘The Personal Sensitivity of Yi Sun-sin,’ ‘The Hope for Us _ Compass,’ 4-D Experience Zone ‘Immortal Hero _ Reflection,’ and ‘The Street of History _ Communication.’

    Congratulatory performances to mark the opening of ‘The Story of Chungmugong’

    On April 28, or on the opening day of ‘The Story of Chungmugong’ memorial hall, congratulatory performances and the national opera ‘Yi Sun-shin’ will be held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. It took three years to create the national opera ‘Yi Sun-shin,’ and it drew about 8,000 viewers in 1998 when it was first performed. The opera will provide a fresh perspective on the life of Yi.

    The opera will be performed twice on April 28. In addition, there will be congratulatory performances called ‘Sejong Starry Night’ by the central stairway of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The performances will be offered for free from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. everyday, except Monday.