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  • ‘Seoul Global Forum for Industrialization of CIT Conversion and Integration’ to Be Held

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the “Seoul Global Forum for the Industrialization of CIT Conversion and Integration” at DMC Nurikkum Square in Sangam-dong from 12 noon on September 29.

    The forum will be held as part of the 2011 Seoul DMC Culture Open, which will take place from September 29 to October 1. The forum aims to devise and develop a strategy that will enable renowned research laboratories and advanced media companies to secure global competitiveness, including CIT (Culture Information Technology) conversion and integration, and to create new trends in the media industry, in preparation for the future.

    The Seoul Global Forum for the Industrialization of CIT Conversion and Integration will invite five experts in the related fields – including experts from the Bell Laboratory of the U.S., the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of Russia, Johns Hopkins University of the U.S.A, and KAIST and CJ E&M of Korea – to give lectures on the latest trends in CT and IT to more than 400 attendees.

    Through the forum, the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to construct a cooperative network linking world-renowned research centers, small and medium-sized enterprises and venture firms, and world-class research institutes, and to promote mutual exchange, including the transfer of digital contents and cutting-edge technologies.

    The Technomart, which will be held on the sidelines of the forum, will display more than 80 technologies and research achievements designed and developed by universities as members of the Seoul Industry-Academia Cooperation Forum, and present opportunities to expedite technology exchange and trade, and to consolidate the industry-academy network with renowned research organizations and advanced companies.

    The forum is open to anyone who wishes to attend, including members of the general public. People can participate in the event by registering (by September 28) at the website (http://cit2011.org/) for the Seoul Global Forum for the Industrialization of CIT Conversion and Integration.

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