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  • ‘Seoul Famers Market’ is opened in Gwanghwamun Square

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Farmers Market in Gwanghwamun Square on Saturday, June 2, 2012 along with the Seoul mayor Park Won Soon, the chairman of the Seoul City Council, the committee of Seoul Famers Market and the Jongno-gu Office chief, with some 200 citizens including representatives of urban agriculture organizations, social enterprises and community companies in attendance.

    After delivering congratulatory remarks, the mayor sang part of the song Thank You for the Delicious Food with the crowd to the beat of the famous organic punk folk singer Sai.

    The mayor then toured the farmers market, the food stalls and the urban farmer school, after which he worked as an assistant cook to Ms. Mun Seong-hui, a famous organic food cook who donated her talent for the day. The prepared dishes were sold to pre-reserved citizens and the proceeds were donated to Seoul Food Bank.

    Sai, the originator of organic punk folk music , Ms. Mun Seong-hui, natural food researcher