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  • ‘Seoul Design Assets Exhibition’ extended until March 28

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    The ‘Seoul Design Assets Exhibition,’ which opened its doors to the public on Jan. 8, has been extended until March 28, as it is drawing a higher-than-expected number of visitors. Some 1,500 people per weekday and more than 2,500 people per weekend have visited the exhibition. As time goes on, the number of visitors is growing due to ‘word of mouth’ popularity about the exhibition. The exhibition had been scheduled to end on March 7, but the growing number of visitors has prompted organizers to extend it until March 28.

    What’s behind the success of the Seoul Design Assets Exhibition? One of the success factors is that the exhibition illustrates the 600-year history of design assets in Seoul with state-of-the-art information technology. In tandem with the exhibition’s goal of allowing visitors to vividly experience design assets in Seoul of the past, present and future, it deftly showcases 51 properties of excellent design work, ranging from traditional structures such as Gyeongbokgung and Sungnyemun to modern structures like Insa-dong and Hongdae Street. In particular, some of these properties are becoming very popular among visitors, such as Hunminjeongeum (The Korean Script), which is on display with interactive media art, a glasses-free 3D video on ‘Sungnyemun,’ media art ‘Hwalot (Royal Dress),’ a digital folding screen ‘Hanyang Minhwa’ and a video presentation on a 100-inch screen of the 600-year history.


    Seoul Design Assets Exhibition

    • Date : Until March 28
    • Venue : 1st floor, Seoul Museum of History
    • Time : Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 ~ 21:00,
      Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 ~ 19:00, Monday: Closed
    • Fee : Adults, 700 won. For people under 19 or over 65, free.
      For an adult with a ticket for the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, 400 won.
    • For more information, call 120 Dasan Call Center (Chinese language:120茶山首尔热线)or visit http://www.museum.seoul.kr