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  • ‘Seoul Day’ Held at Yeosu Expo on May 18

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    The Expo 2012 Yeosu, which opened its doors as one of the world’s three major festivals on May 12, will remain open for 93 days until Sunday, August 12. Held under the theme of ‘The Living Ocean and Coast,’ the exposition has attracted the participation of 105 countries and six international institutions. Its unique focus is maritime issues including oceanic pollution and the subsequent devastation of marine ecology. It is not just a huge festival but also an opportunity to gather wisdom about and solutions to global issues.

    Big-O Show at Expo 2012 Yeosu , ‘Seoul Day’ Poster , Seoul Government’s Exhibition Hall

    Yeosu Expo features a great variety of attractions that shouldn’t be missed. The aquarium installed at the expo is three times the size of that in COEX, Seoul, which was the largest in Korea until the expo began. The expo aquarium accommodates 33,000 fish and other sea creatures (including more than 280 species). As it is an aqua dome that slowly makes a 360-degree turn, visitors feel as if they are actually passing through the sea. They can also see such rare species as the Baikal seal and beluga whale there, too. The Big-O show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a combination of a laser show that creates hologram images and an awe-inspiring fountain show. In the Climate & Environment Pavilion, visitors can experience the results of global warming, while the International Pavilion encompasses the diverse maritime cultures of more than one hundred countries and their approaches to maritime issues.

    Aquarium , Baikal Seal

    Seoul is operating the Seoul Government Hall in the Local Government Pavilion to promote the beauty of Seoul. On Friday, May 18, ‘Seoul Day,’ it staged a series of exciting performances such as Korean traditional music, praised as an embodiment of the soul of Korea; one of the most popular musicals; and B-Boy dancing (akin to break dancing), which has been recommended by many foreign visitors as a must-see performance in Korea. Furthermore, the Seoul Exhibition Hall features videos, wall paintings, collages and assemblages on such topics as the history of Seoul, tigers in Inwang (Mt.), and modern-day Seoul.

    Expo 2012 Yeosu Website : http://eng.expo2012.kr/main.html?mobile_at=Y