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  • ‘Second Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use’ Observed

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted the “Second Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use” on the fourth Wednesday of the month, which fell on April 20, after holding the first one last month. The city staged a far-reaching campaign by holding diverse events to ensure that the second event would be a success, attracting greater public attention and participation than the first event.

    A campaign at a department store for the Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use (April 1~3,. 2011)

    Starting on March 23, Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the fourth Wednesday of every month as the “Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use” as part of its efforts to conserve energy, and is encouraging its citizens to use public transportation. The results of the March event suggest that the number of public transportation users rose by 188,000 (1.3 percent) compared with the previous week (Wednesday).

    The April event entailed the participation of Seoul Metropolitan Government and its 25 autonomous wards, 66 bus companies, various subway operators including Seoul Metro and the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp., and a number of department stores. By encouraging the employees of public organizations and private companies to take the lead and voluntarily participate in the campaign, Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to develop the “Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use” into a pan-citizen event in the future.

    Simultaneously with the “Seoul Day of Public Transportation Use” and the “Day of the Disabled,” which fell on April 20, Seoul Metropolitan Government also conducted a campaign to promote the use of public transportation in a way that takes into account the more underprivileged members of society, in an effort to create a public transportation culture that enhances the convenience and happiness of every citizen.