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  • ‘Haechi’ souvenir shop to open in Dongdaemun

  • Integrated News SMG 5685

    A ‘Haechi’ souvenir shop will open on March 7 in the Doota shopping complex in Dongdaemun and will offer to tourists diverse souvenirs themed around Seoul City’s symbolic “Haechi” icon. The shop will be the second of its kind following the opening of a similar souvenir shop in Gwanghwamun.

    Haechi doll wearing Rudolf’s hat , Haechi cushion

    Haechi is a lion-like, imaginary animal that symbolizes “justice” and “probity.” People believe the creature brings good luck and happiness to their lives. Indeed, Haechi has represented Seoul throughout its six century history.

    ‘Heachi Seoul’ calligraphy bag, Heachi pen

    The shop will sell a total of 648 different kinds of products that were jointly developed by Seoul City and its private-sector partner companies. The products were carefully selected to meet the demand of tourists visiting Seoul from home and abroad.

    Seoul City plans to open additional “Haechi” shops in Myeong-dong, Insa-dong, Incheon International Airport and other souvenir-selling areas. It also plans to develop more Haechi-based souvenirs for foreign tourists to add to the fun they experience during their stay in Seoul.