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  • ‘e-Stars Seoul 2010’ festival of game players worldwide to be held in August

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    Organizers for “e-Stars Seoul 2010” an annual competition and tournament for computer and video gaming fanatics from all over the world, officially announced the event on April 7. Dubbed a “global digital cultural festival” e-Stars Seoul has been held in Seoul since 2007 to help nurture the country’s computer and video game industry and promote “e-sports” worldwide. Also, the event has served as a true place of harmony among gamers around the globe.

    The main event for e-Stars Seoul 2010 will be held from Aug. 13 to 15 at the Convention Hall of COEX Exhibition Center in Samseong-dong. This year’s event is expected to draw again attention from cyber athletes and e-sports fans because of various auxiliary events. In particular, the venue for this year’s event will be moved to COEX Exhibition Center for the sake of participating companies and viewers. Parts of the venue will be formed like a theme park, allowing visitors to play computer games.

    Intercontinental competitions to be held at e-Stars Seoul

    At this year’s event, international competitions will consist of an intercontinental competition between the East and West in the two games of “Counter-Strike” and “WarCraft III,” as well as an all-Asian competition for Korean computer and video games. Teams of cyber athletes from Asia and those from Europe and America will face off at the international competition Continental Cup and an individual match called “King of the Game.” At the Asia Championship, competitors will play Korean computer and video games.

    Theme park will be formed for families

    On the sidelines of the competition, organizers will form a theme park, allowing family members to play video and online games. At the Game Theme Park under the theme of a “virtual world of games playing with your mother and father,” there will be a playground of emotional games, a virtual game zone, and an exhibition hall for digital gadgets. Also, there will be a site whether 400 personal computers are connected. Called ‘e-Party,’ the site will allow family members such as children, parents, and grandparents to form a team and play against other family teams.

    ‘e-Stars Summit’ to be held to discuss development of global e-sports

    In addition, the “e-Stars Summit” will be held on the sidelines of the main event. The summit will be a forum to discuss ways to bolster global cooperation for e-sports. The e-Stars Summit, which would be the first of its kind, is aimed at mapping out practical solutions to build collaborative relationships among organizers for e-sports worldwide and seek ways for joint development in the video game industry.