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  • ‘Dinosaur of Korean Peninsula’ in Which Seoul Invested Rewrites Animation Success History

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the SBA (Seoul Business Agency), an institute which supports small and medium-sized businesses, revealed that Jumbagi: Korea’s Dinosaur 3D, which was released on January 26th, attracted 366,523 viewers in its first week and surpassed the first week record of Leafie, A Hen into the Wild(335,859 viewers), the most successful Korean animation to date. Seoul and the SBA invested in Jumbagi: Korea’s Dinosaur 3D with money from the cultural contents fund, which they created to promote the animation industry as a new growth engine of the Korean movie industry. The movie has become a word-of-mouth sensation.

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    Jumbagi: Korea’s Dinosaur 3D is a theatre animation produced solely with Korean technology including CG characters and 3D technology. Before its launch in Korea, it was pre-sold to 33 countries, hinting at its potential for success. Jumbagi has held its position at the top of the reservation rate list despite the openings of other competitive Korean movies. In addition, around ten types of books published by Woongjin Junior are enjoying strong sales, and diverse movie tie-in products are being prepared including puzzles, toys, cards, and board games.