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  • ‘Damunhwa Hakdang, Fairytale Narration Presentation’ Convene

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    The Seoul Global Center held “Damunhwa Hakdang (Multicultural Education Program) and Fairytale Narration Presentation” sessions in the presence of over 150 people from multicultural families at the Seoul Museum of History auditorium at 3:30 p.m. on December 3.

    Damunhwa Hakdang (Children’s Class) , Damunhwa Hakdang (Children’s Class – Sports and Art Session)

    At the presentation sessions, students at Damunhwa Hakdang, and the Fairytale Narration Class of the Korean Language Course conducted by the Seoul Global Center gave fairytale narrations in Korean, while parents and children sang Korean children’s songs in various languages to create a venue for harmony and present diverse sights and sounds for visitors to see.

    Over 10 children born to mothers from various countries, including Vietnam, China, Russia, and Belarus, narrated the Korean fairytale “The Enormous Turnip” in Korean. More than 20 children from multicultural families with mothers from Mongolia, Vietnam and the Philippines, sang a children’s song “Little Star” in the native language of their mothers. Another team of over 20 people from multicultural families with mothers from Russia and Central Asia sang another song “Let’s all do it together” in Russian.

    Damunhwa Hakdang (Children’s Class – Sports and Art Session), Damunhwa Hakdang

    Additionally, a fashion show of traditional costumes from various countries worldwide and a session to introduce different countries also convened for parents and children to take part in.

    The Seoul Global Center is operating Damunhwa Hakdang for children and parents from multicultural families on Saturdays. The center is operating a “Dual language course” in which it teaches foreign wives Korean language, while teachers from six countries teach foreign wives’ children the languages of their mothers.

    The center is also running a Fairytale Narration Class for the Korean Language Course in which participants can easily learn Korean words and phrases, which are difficult to learn, and onomatopoeia and mimetic words, which are difficult to pronounce.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to conduct Damunhwa Hakdang programs and the Fairytale Narration Class for the Korean Language Course again next year. It will receive applications in March 2012 and start lessons in early April.

    For more information, please visit the Seoul Global Center website at http://global.seoul.go.kr/, or dial +82-2-2075-4141.