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  • ‘Changgyeonggung’ Episode of Cartoon Guidebook of Seoul Series to Be Published

  • Integrated News SMG 4329

    CoverThe Seoul Metropolitan Government will publish the Cartoon guidebook of Seoul – Changgyeonggung, a collection of interesting stories about a royal palace that has hitherto only featured in history books.

    The Cartoon guidebook of Seoul is a new concept of tourism guidebook designed not only to introduce Seoul’s palaces, the most beautiful cultural legacies of the Korean capital, to both domestic and foreign tourists in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable format, but also to give the comic book format a novel utilitarian value.

    The episode on Changgyeonggung is the third issue in the series after the episodes on Gyeongbokgung (2009) and Deoksugung (2010). With more than 30,000 copies of the two previous issues published and distributed, a growing number of citizens have inquired about the next issue and the distribution of additional copies, revealing keen interest in the publication.

    Inner contentChanggyeonggung, the theme of the latest issue in the guidebook series and a palace with countless stories to tell, served as the center stage of Korea’s dynamic history after the neighboring Changdeokgung became the legal palace of the Joseon Dynasty following the Japanese invasion of 1592-98. It is also known as the “palace of filial piety” as the legacies of the Joseon kings’ practice of filial piety are enshrined here for eternity.

    Cartoonist Kim Hyeong-bae, famous for his flagship comic Robot Taekwon V, a representative Korean comic book, has participated in the drawing of the new comic guidebook, attracting keen attention from the public.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to publish 20,000 copies of the English and Korean versions of the Cartoon guidebook of Seoul – Changgyeonggung, and to distribute them to numerous organizations, domestic and foreign tourists free of charge.

    The City Government will also post the comic on its Website to allow as many citizens as possible to enjoy it.