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  • ‘Arisu Nara’ Offers Variety of Events on Children’s Day

  • Integrated News SMG 3595

    Arisu Nara will hold a wide variety of enjoyable events for all age groups, including performances, plays, and events, such as a special puppet show called “Arisu’s Great Adventure,” face painting, balloon art, and an Arisu drinking event, on the occasion of Children’s Day.

    Arisu Nara special puppet show, Arisu’s Great Adventure,Ari, the Arisu mascot, will entertain children on Children’s Day

    The event will take place at the plaza in front of Arisu Nara, and in the Arisu PR center. The face painting and balloon art experience will be held from 13:00~16:00, the Arisu puppet show from 16:00~16:30, and the Arisu drinking event from 13:00~17:00.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that this year’s event will offer a very special chance for children to have an unforgettable day out and benefit from the educational effects of learning about the tap water they drink on a daily basis, through the diverse and interesting experience-focused activities held at the tap water PR center.

    Diverse experience-type facilities at Arisu Nara ,General view of Arisu Nara

    Arisu Nara is an independent building with a total floor space of 892 sq. m. covering two upper stories and one underground level. The first floor houses exhibition and experience-focused play facilities, while the second floor is equipped with a 3-D theme theater.

    The facility operates from 10 am to 8 pm every day all-year-round, excluding Mondays. Admission is free. How to get to Arisu Nara (Children’s Grand Park in Neung-dong): Phone +82-2-3146-5941~44