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  • ‘2011 Seoul Art Space Festival’ to Open

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the 2011 Seoul Art Space Festival, during which artists will be encouraged to communicate directly with citizens, at nine creative spaces throughout the City, including the Seonyudo section of Hangang Park, from September 30 to October 3.

     Site and PR Center of the 2010 Seoul Art Space Festival

    The Seoul Art Spaces, as a new concept of culture and art spaces and creative worksites, were initiated as part of the Seoul Downtown Restoration project under the City Government’s “culture-nomics” policy. The spaces were conceived to provide artists with places for creative work and support for their creative activities, with eleven such sites designated across the City.

     Seoul Street Artist Performance

    The festival will take place at nine separate locations including Seogyo, Geumcheon, Sindang, Yeonhui, Mullae, Seongbuk, Gwanak, Hongeun, and Disabled.

    The 2011 Seoul Art Space Festival is the second annual event to be designed specifically for Seoul citizens after the success of the 2010 Seoul Art Space Festival, which was held at Yeouido Hangang Park for the first time last fall. The festival will bring together more than 300 artists, including those housed in the Seoul Art Spaces, and include more than 50 programs, including exhibitions, experience events, an art market, performances and tours.

    Notably, the festival will present diverse events and activities for special experiences and tours to Art Spaces, including a special exhibition at Seonyudo Hangang Park, which has been chosen as a venue for the first time this year, the Citizens’ Creative Art Hall, and “You are a Writer,” a relay novel writing contest.

    The 2011 Seoul Art Space Festival is open free of charge to all citizens who visit Seonyudo Hangang Park and the other venues.

    However, the tour of the Art Spaces will only be available by making an advance reservation at the Seoul Art Space’s Website at (http://eng.seoulartspace.or.kr/). Members of the public can participate in the citizens’ experience programs by signing up at the venues.