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  • ‘2011 National Flower Mugunghwa Festival’ to Take Place

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     Official poster Marking the 66th anniversary of Korea’s Liberation Day, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a “2011 National Flower Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) Festival” at Seodaemun Independence Park from August 8 to 15 in collaboration with Korea Forest Service, Korea Forest Research Institute, and Mugung Nara, a local civic group.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government participated in the “21st Nationwide Contest of National Flower Mugunghwa,” hosted by the Korea Forestry Service, and was picked as one of the four host cities (Seoul, Wanju, Siheung, and Hongcheon).

    This year’s festival will take place in order to accurately introduce mugunghwa as Korea’s national flower to citizens and position it as a beloved national symbol in daily living. The festival will feature diverse events and activities, including exhibitions of blooming mugunghwa and potted mugunghwa varieties, exhibitions of artwork, including mugunghwa photos, poems, and paintings, and events for citizens’ participation, and experience events.

    During the festival period, a total of 2,500 blooming mugunghwa flowers and potted mugunghwa plants will be exhibited. The exhibitions will consist of a “blooming mugunghwa exhibition” and “special exhibition of mugunghwa breeds.”

    Various experience-focused events and auxiliary events will also take place from August 13 to 15 for citizens to participate in and enjoy.

    Experience events include mugunghwa dying experience, mugunghwa clay art, mugunghwa flower press, face painting, and mugunghwa ice sculpturing. In an auxiliary event, organizers will cook rice cakes and beverages with mugunghwa flowers that citizens collect by themselves and hand them out to participants.

    Images of the 2010 Seoul Mugunghwa Festival