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  • ‘2010 Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market’ opens

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    The Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market, the nation’s biggest outdoor goodwill flea market that drew a total of about 250,000 visitors last year, opened on March 27 at Hangang Park in the Ttukseom District. Launched with an opening ceremony, on March 27, at Hangang Park in the Ttukseom District, in front of Ttukseom Park Station, the flea market now opens from noon to 4:00 p.m., every Saturday, until the last week of October.

    Since 2004, the Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market has drawn an accumulated 2.49 million visitors. With 5.22 million items resold, the goodwill flea market was estimated to reduce 2,610 tons of waste. Also, the flea market has been positioned as the nation’s largest market for sharing and helping citizens practice the value of reuse and saving of resources. By allowing people to voluntarily donate their money or make gains by selling their secondhand items, the Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market became a famous spot in Seoul, with more than 10,000 citizens a week visiting the market. It also enables people to buy goods at low prices.

    With sellers voluntarily donating parts of their gains, this year’s flea market will raise funds to provide meals and reading lessons for underprivileged children. The funds raised last year were used to build schools and supply educational facilities to Mindanao Island of the Philippines. In addition, the 2010 Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market features a variety of citizen participation events and the ‘Apartment Green Market.’

    The flea market will go on with a monthly theme. In May, the theme will encourage people to buy presents for their parents as Parents’ Day is celebrated on May 8. In June, when World Environment Day is on, the market’s theme will be aimed at stimulating awareness of environmental issues. In September, the theme will be a ‘book-sharing market.’ With various citizen participation events and themed market operations, this year’s Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market is expected to draw more visitors than ever.

    ‘2010 Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market’

    • Period : Every Saturday from March 27 to Oct. 31 (12:00-16:00),
      the market will be closed on public holidays and Chuseok full-moon harvest holiday.
    • Venue : Hangang Park in the Ttukseom District (below Cheongdamdaegyo).
    • Organizer : Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Operator : Beautiful Store
    • Number of stores : about 540.
    • Participants are recommended to register via the operator’s Web site (www.flea1004.com) three weeks before the market opens. Online registration will close one week before the market opens, and there will be no on-site registration.
    • To get to the venue, take subway line 7 and get off at Ttukseom Park Station (Exit No. 2 or 3).
    • A participant is allowed to up to 40 secondhand items.
    • A seller is required to have their items to be sold, a mat and an ID card.
    • A participant is required to donate more than 10 percent of their income.
    • For more information, please visit the organizer’s Web site at www.flea1004.com or contact Beautiful Store (02-732-9998).